Meet Lessonly, the smarter training software that helps customer service teams learn new skills, practice and get helpful feedback, and perform like never before. Lessonly is powerfully simple by design, built so that trainers, managers, and subject matter experts can create training content in minutes—not days, weeks, or months.  .  

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Customer Support

A better way to train

Customer service is changing rapidly—and training is too. It’s time for onboarding that’s simple, engaging, and effective.

Empower reps and agents to do great work

Share knowledge and best practices across the team, so people can easily find the information they need—right when they need it most.

Support teams need support

The best teams are always improving. A culture of learning, practice, and feedback leads to more engaged employees and higher retention.

Customers deserve to be delighted

Phenomenally trained agents lead to happier customers—teams across the globe move the needle on NPS and CSAT with Lessonly.


Accelerate ramp time

Time is money. Decrease time to quota with onboarding that brings new reps up-to-speed faster—and keeps them there.

Enable reps to do their best work

Share winning sales strategies and best practices across the team, so every rep gets the content they need in any situation.

Rock-star reps need all-star coaches

The best managers are phenomenal coaches. Whether refining a pitch or closing a deal, reps who practice their skills and get helpful feedback improve faster.

Learners are winners

Want to always be closing? Always be learning. Continuous learning leads to more engaged reps, happier customers, and more closed deals.

Learning & Development

A better kind of welcome

Onboarding doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Help new hires feel right at home with onboarding that brings them up-to-speed faster.

Engage employees—old and new

A culture of learning, practice, and feedback leads to a more engaged team, better performance, and higher retention—and HRIS integration makes managing employees easier than ever.

Grow new skills and knowledge

Propel employees towards high performance and productivity with ongoing training that keeps skills sharp and everyone aligned.

Training fuels success

Great teams know that world-changing work starts with meaningful training. Get on the path to long-term success with a new kind of learning.


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Lessonly is the powerfully simple training software that helps over 2 million teammates learn, practice, and Do Better Work. That means better customer experiences, more closed deals, and more engaged employees.

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