Limit your out of stocks, better allocate inventory and drive a better return on capital investments.


Exception Based

"Which stores have low weeks cover of my best sellers?"
"Where do I have slow moving stock tying up working capital?"
"With limited OTB, where should I focus my replenishment?"

Simplifies your Data

Simplifies massive quantities of retail sales and stock data into manageable information

Generate Smart Allocations

Helps you get the right stock in the right stores to drive higher sales and higher sell-throughs with less inventory.

Cloud Based Application

Requires no integration with legacy systems.  Users can log in via the web 24/7

Easy to Use

It's simple to use and requires no systems knowledge to get started.

Mobile Reporting

Instant access to all the information you need to know directly on your mobile device.

Make Better Decisions and Grow Your Retail Sales

krunchbox is a simple to use, cloud based business intelligence tool, designed specifically for the retail industry to assist retailers and their suppliers to collaborate around point of sales scan data.

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